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How to Deal with Problem Apps on Your Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

Not sure how to deal with a problematic app on your Fire phone? You have a couple of options. These days, mobile phones are great fun because of all the apps you use. However, apps aren’t much fun if they aren’t working.

Shutting down an app run amok

It happens. Sometimes an app goes crazy and just won’t stop. Though Amazon tries to keep unstable apps out of the Appstore, not all technology is perfect. If you need to smite an errant app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Choose Applications & Parental Controls.

  3. Choose Manage Applications.

    You see a list of running apps. If not, tap the Filter By command and choose Running Services.

  4. Swipe the screen to look for the app that’s vexing you.

    For example, a game is stuck and it’s repeating some heinous sound.

  5. Tap the app to open its Manage screen.


  6. Tap the Force Quit button.

    You see a warning prompt.

  7. Tap the OK button to stop the app.

Be careful with these steps! Only stop an app that you truly cannot stop in any other way. Many apps feature a Quit command or Exit command. Try that first.

The problem with randomly quitting an app is that data may get lost or damaged. At worst, the phone may become unstable. The only way to fix that situation is to restart the device.

Reporting app problems to the developer

Yet another advantage of having a Fire phone is that when you have trouble with an app, you can easily get in touch with the app developer to help resolve issues. Though reporting a problem doesn’t guarantee a response from the developer — or a fix, for that matter — it’s good to know that the line of communication is open.

To report app problems to the app developer (the folks who wrote and produced the app), obey these directions:

  1. Open the Appstore app.

  2. Browse or search to locate the app.

    You need to view the app’s Info screen in the Appstore. It’s the same screen where you tapped the Free or Buy button to initially obtain the app. Because the app is installed on your phone, the button says Open.

  3. Choose the command Report an Issue.

    You have to swipe to the bottom of the app’s description screen and paste the reviews and other details. Eventually, you see the reporting screen.

  4. Tap the button corresponding to the issue you’re having.

    The next steps depend on which button you choose. Continue working through the process until it’s complete.

You may not hear a reply from the developer. You may not see the issue resolved in your lifetime. However, it’s still a good idea to follow these steps when you have problems using apps on your phone.

It’s at this point that the kind people at Amazon would like for you to remember that they have in place a vetting process for all apps found at the Appstore. If you find a bad or questionable app, they really want to hear from you.