How to Copy Music from Your Computer to the Amazon Cloud - dummies

How to Copy Music from Your Computer to the Amazon Cloud

By Dan Gookin

The best way to get music out of your computer and into your Fire phone is to upload your computer’s music library to the Amazon cloud in the Internet. This option has the bonus of making the music available to all devices that can access the Internet, as long as they have an Amazon cloud app installed.

To upload your music, obey these steps:

  1. Visit on your PC or Macintosh.

  2. Under the Your Account menu, choose Your Music Library.

    If you’re prompted to log in, do so.

    Eventually the Amazon Music page appears, listing your online music. The tunes you see are effectively the same that you find on the Fire phone in the Music app.

  3. Click the Import Your Music link.

    That link is currently found on the left side of the screen, at the bottom.

  4. Obey the onscreen directions to download the Amazon Music Importer utility.

    An installer program is downloaded. Open that program, and then follow its directions to set up and configure the Amazon Music Importer.

  5. Use the Importer to import all or selected music to the Amazon Music Library.

    You can click the Import All button, which takes more time, but it makes the entire PC library of music available online.

  6. Click the Close button when you’re done.

The songs you upload appear instantly on the computer’s web browser screen. They may take a few minutes to appear in the Music app’s library on your Fire phone, but they’ll be there!