How to Change the Display Settings on Your Amazon Fire Phone - dummies

How to Change the Display Settings on Your Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

The Display item in the Settings app deals with touchscreen settings on your Fire phone. Here are some popular settings worthy of your attention. To access the Display settings items, open the Settings app and choose Display. To see all options in one spot, choose the first item, Adjust Screen Brightness. Otherwise, follow the steps as mentioned for each of the following items.


  • Screen brightness: In the Display area, choose the item Adjust Screen Brightness. Use the slider to set how bright the screen appears. If you prefer that the phone use its light sensor to set the brightness, slide the Auto Brightness master control to On.

    The screen brightness settings are also accessible from the Quick Actions on the Notification panel.

    A dimmer screen uses less battery power and therefore makes the phone’s battery last longer.

  • Screen rotation: The Fire phone adjusts the screen’s orientation depending on how you hold the phone: vertically or horizontally. If you want to fix rotation to one way or the other, orient the phone and then set the master control by Automatically Rotate Screen to Off.

  • Sleep timeout: The Screen Timeout value determines when the phone automatically locks, turning off the touchscreen display. The standard value is 1 minute: After 50 seconds of inactivity, the screen dims, and then 10 seconds later, the screen “sleeps” and the phone is locked.

    Tap the Screen Timeout item on the Display screen to select a new timeout value. Choosing a value of Never means that the screen locks only when you press the Power/Lock button.

  • Show the Status Bar: Normally, the Fire phone shows the status bar only when you pull down the Notification panel or you use the Tilt gesture. To show the status bar all the time, set the master control by Status Bar to the On position.