How to Buy Music from the Music Store on Your Fire Phone - dummies

How to Buy Music from the Music Store on Your Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

Amazon is more than happy to sell you all the music you can stuff into your Fire phone. And it’s not just about money: Occasionally, music goes on sale or is offered at no cost. You must keep a keen eye out for such things, so visit the Music Store frequently!

To visit the Music Store, choose the Music Store item from the Navigation panel. Or, if you see the Shop icon on the screen, tap it.


Browse the Music Store by swiping the screen and perusing what’s available.

Use the Search icon to locate specific songs, artists, or genres.

Tap a song or an album to view its specific screen.

Use the Play icon to preview 30 seconds of a song.

To purchase a song or an album, tap the Buy button. The button may also simply list the price. After tapping, the button changes color and says only Buy. Tap the button again to make the purchase.

The purchase is made immediately, based upon your mobile device’s 1-Click settings.

The music you buy isn’t copied to your phone. It shows up, but it plays over the Internet. That means you can hear it only when the phone has an Internet connection.

  • All music sales are final.

  • You can review your music purchases by visiting the Purchased or Recently Added to Cloud playlists.

  • Eventually, Amazon sends you an email summary of your music purchases.

  • Download music while the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. That way, you don’t run the risk of suffering a data surcharge on your cellular plan.