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Google Glass For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you can’t wait to get started with your new Google Glass, you can master it more quickly by mastering the touchpad. Then you can experiment with new and interesting ways to search for information on Glass. If you need help, you can become familiar with the features on the Glass Community website.

Quick Reference for the Google Glass Touchpad

Google Glass requires you to use the touchpad to move around various screens, and though you can get by with the basics, the touchpad also has more than a few “hidden” gestures you can use to gain access to features more quickly. Each gesture requires you to use only one finger unless noted otherwise.

Basic gestures

Here are some of the basic gestures you need to know so you can activate Glass and manipulate objects onscreen:

  • Activate Glass. Tap the touchpad once.

  • Move forward in the timeline. Swipe forward.

  • Move backward in the timeline. Swipe backward.

  • Go back to the timeline screen. Swipe down until you see the current time and “ok glass”.

  • View Google Now cards and settings. Swipe backward on the first page within the timeline screen.

  • Go back to the previous screen or close a card. Swipe down.

  • Turn display off in a screen displaying “ok glass”. Swipe down.

Video playback

If you want to play videos on Glass and manipulate video playback, here are some useful touchpad gestures:

  • Play video. Tap the touchpad once.

  • Pause video while the video is playing. Tap the touchpad once.

  • Rewind video. Tap and hold the touchpad, and then drag your finger backward.

  • Fast-forward video. Tap and hold the touchpad, and then drag your finger forward.

Website navigation

When you navigate a website on Glass, here are the gestures you need to know:

  • Scroll up the page. Swipe backward.

  • Scroll down the page. Swipe forward.

  • Look around the page. Tap and hold the touchpad with two fingers, and then move your head around.

  • Zoom in. Tap and hold the touchpad with two fingers, and then slide your fingers backward.

  • Zoom out. Tap and hold the touchpad with two fingers, and then slide your fingers forward.

  • Select a link or button. Tap the touchpad once.

  • Select text or an image onscreen. Double-tap the touchpad.

  • Return to the timeline screen or the card screen. Swipe down.

More gestures

You can employ other gestures to make some features of Glass move faster:

  • Skip the progress bar when sharing content. Tap the touchpad when you see the Sharing progress bar onscreen.

  • Skip the progress bar when deleting content. Tap the touchpad when you see the Delete progress bar onscreen.

  • Cancel an action that contains a progress bar. Swipe down.

  • Extend a video recording. Double-tap the touchpad.

Cool Searches to Try on Google Glass

When a search question pops into your head while you’re using Google Glass, you have three ways to access the Google Search app no matter what screen you’re viewing:

  • When you’re in the Home screen, say “OK Glass, Google . . . “

  • Tap the touchpad to activate Glass, tap again to see available actions, and tap Google.

  • With the display off, tap the touchpad three times slowly.

What sorts of questions can you ask? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • What is the weather like today? The search results tell you whether the rainy weather you see outside your window will continue for the rest of the day or whether the clouds will break up in the afternoon.

  • Who was Hamilton on the $10 bill? When you view the photo on a $10 bill, you may wonder who Hamilton was. You may not even know his first name. But when you search for Hamilton on the $10 bill, you’ll discover that Hamilton’s first name was Alexander and find out why he was so important that his visage appears on every $10 bill in your wallet.

  • Where is the nearest coffee shop? You may know where all the coffee shops are in your area. If you’re in an unfamiliar location, however, but Glass is connected to your smartphone and the smartphone’s GPS locator is active, you can ask Google Search where the nearest coffee shop is. The search results list the nearest coffee shops and show their locations on a map. You can also search for a specific coffee shop by asking something like “Where is the nearest Starbucks?”

  • What does farrago mean? You may have a smart friend who’s very good at using less-than-common words to describe things. If you don’t know what your friend is talking about, you can ask Google Glass for a definition of the word. (Whether you ask Glass while your friend is talking or after your friend leaves is up to you.)

  • How much is $200 in euros? If you plan to visit a friend in Slovenia, for example, you need to figure out the equivalent of U.S. dollars in euros so you can be sure to bring enough money to spend on food, lodging, and gifts for friends and family.

  • Translate “Where is the nearest restroom?” in Chinese. If you find yourself at a business meeting at a hotel in China and need to find a restroom right away, but your colleague who speaks Chinese isn’t available, Google Search can provide a phonetic translation of your question in Chinese so you can ask the nearest hotel employee.

Navigating the Google Glass Community

The first time you visit the Google Glass Community website, the sheer amount of information you can access can make it hard to decide where to start. The community contains a large number of forums where you can read messages from other users, as well as post a message so people can respond. Forums are divided into topics, and forum names appear in a list on the website’s home page so you can find topics easily. If you want to leave a suggestion for the Glass development team, for example, go to the Wishlist for Glass forum.

Here are some good places to find information:

  • I’m new to Glass. Where do I go? Visit the Glass Newbies forum to see the questions other new users are asking, get helpful tips, and ask basic questions.

  • Can I get help with a hardware or software feature problem? You can visit the Troubleshooting forum to view a list of subforums with topics that may match the topic area you’re having trouble with. Visit the Connectivity subforum if you’re having problems with your Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth connection, for example.

  • I’m developing an app for Glass. Can I chat with other developers? Absolutely. Just visit the Glassware Developers forum to see what other developers are working on. If you want to collaborate with other developers on an app project, post a message to the Glassware Match forum.

  • What if I want to talk about a Glass topic? Visit the Discussions forum and check to see whether any discussions on that topic have already started. If so, you can respond to the initial message and see where that response takes you. If not, post a new message in the forum and wait for responses to which you can reply.