The Palm Pre Touchscreen Navigation Gestures - dummies

The Palm Pre Touchscreen Navigation Gestures

Part of Palm Pre For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Depending on the Pre webOS application that’s open, if any, you navigate the Palm Pre and determine actions by moving your finger(s) in certain ways on and below the Pre screen. For example, you can swipe to move between open “cards,” or screens of an application, in Card View. The Pre screen also has a gesture area.

Here’s a list of some common Pre gestures and typical actions that occur when you perform them.

Gesture Action(s)
Tap center button in gesture area. Open Card View or open application full-screen.
Brief tap on the screen. Select an item, such as an icon, a button, or a text
Swipe from one side of the screen to the other. Scroll, move between cards or photos, delete items from
Swipe from the right side of the gesture area to the left. Go back to the last screen or Web page.
Drag up onto the screen from the gesture area. Show the Quick Launch toolbar.
Flick quickly on the screen. Scrolls long distances (even after your finger has left the
screen), close cards.
Hold your finger on the screen. Stop scrolling after a flick gesture.
Move two fingers toward each other on the screen. Zoom out.
Move two fingers away from each other on the screen. Zoom in.