Orienting Your SMART Board® Interactive Whiteboard - dummies

Orienting Your SMART Board® Interactive Whiteboard

By Radana Dvorak

Part of SMART Board® Interactive Whiteboard For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Orienting your SMART Board interactive whiteboard helps it to track your touches and presses accurately. If you’ve moved or jostled your board, or you find that the cursor on the screen doesn’t line up with your touch correctly, it’s time to orient.

Follow these steps:

  1. Press the Orientation button on the Pen Tray (800 series) or the Right-Click and Keyboard buttons at the same time (600 series).

  2. The Orientation screen appears.

  3. Pick up a pen from the Pen Tray, and beginning at the upper-left corner of the screen, touch the center of the target firmly with the tip of the pen.

  4. When you remove the pen, the target moves to the next orientation point.

  5. Repeat Step 2 until you complete the orientation process.

    The Orientation screen
    The Orientation screen