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Where NFC Wallets Are Used Most

By Robert R. Sabella

One of the most exciting ways to use Near Field Communication (NFC) is to pay for things — all sorts of things. It would be nice to say that NFC has completely penetrated absolutely every market out there, but the fact is that NFC is still a new technology. Consequently, you find NFC used quite a bit in some areas of the country and not nearly enough in other areas.

An NFC wallet lets you make payments using a variety of sources. In addition, with your NFC wallet, you can gain points on your loyalty card. The application used to make this functionality happen offers built-in security, so you can assign a PIN to every payment option your wallet includes.

These features make NFC wallets different from other technologies, such as contactless cards, which don’t provide the flexibility and security that the NFC wallet offers. The following sections describe where you can make NFC purchases quite easily and show the sorts of things that people buy using NFC today.

Of course, these figures are current as of the time of writing. Make sure you check out the NFC Bootcamp site for updates as they become available. You may be surprised at just how fast the use of NFC for making payments grows.

Viewing NFC wallet use by area

Where you live partially determines how much NFC you see. It definitely determines how much NFC you use (seeing it doesn’t mean you get to do anything with it, though). The figure shows a map of the places that currently use NFC the most.

If you live in one of the larger cities in California, there is a good chance that you’ll not only see but also use NFC regularly. The same holds true in Texas and New York (followed by Illinois and Florida). However, if you’re a buyer in Wyoming, you might as well get used to not using the NFC features of your credit card for a while (until local businesses catch up).

Places that commonly use NFC for purchases today.

Other states will see that NFC is making a huge difference to the bottom line of states like California, and businesses in other states will follow suit. The point is that NFC is catching on, and if you can start implementing it sooner than later, you’ll gain a competitive advantage. Early adopters can see a huge increase in sales by using new technologies that have already proven their worth in other areas. NFC is such a technology.

Viewing NFC wallet use by purchase type

It matters not only where but also how you use NFC. Many companies have already found that NFC is an indispensable part of their business environment, as shown here. Of course, this figure doesn’t show all the companies that use NFC, but it does show some of the larger organizations. Even in places like Wisconsin (one of the lighter areas shown previously), you can go into a Subway, tap your card, and pay for your dinner. So, it’s not impossible to find NFC usage wherever you go because these larger companies are already using it.

Types of items that are commonly purchased using NFC.