NFC Mobile Payments - dummies

NFC Mobile Payments

By Robert R. Sabella

You can find many forms of Near Field Communication (NFC) software today, all of which have their proponents and supporters. The software appears in many subcategories within a particular product category. For example, mobile payments appear in the five subcategories shown.

Types of mobile payments and their supporters.

Notice that each of these subcategories provides a different kind of function when it comes to mobile payments. In addition, vendors tend to specialize in one particular field rather than embrace them all (which could be too much for any one vendor to handle).

Members of the NFC ecosystem also tend to line up around a particular app type. Consumers likely want an app that addresses mobile at the point-of-sale needs. Merchants want a mobile app as the point-of-sale solution when working out of a kiosk or other mobile site. On the other hand, brick-and-mortar merchants, such as Starbucks, prefer to work with their own closed-loop mobile payment systems.

When researching your particular involvement with software development, you need to consider the area in which you want to participate and the kind of customer you want to attract. The organizations listed here can give ideas on how various companies implement these solutions. You can also research the organizations to discover best practices for your own development efforts.