The NFC Forum Goals - dummies

The NFC Forum Goals

By Robert R. Sabella

The NFC Forum is where you can go to discover all sorts of things associated with Near Field Communication (NFC). This is where you can go to learn about the latest NFC advances and why they’re important to you.

The home page highlights major NFC areas, so you can just click your way through informational sources. However, the NFC Forum does have specific goals in helping to promote NFC as a technology:

  • Developing specifications: One of the most important functions of the NFC Forum is to define a modular architecture and interoperability parameters for NFC devices and protocols. Everyone has a set of rules to follow when creating products to ensure that every product works with every other product. Maybe you thought that making products that are interoperable was a common approach, but many technologies simply don’t work that way, which is why you need that special high-priced widget from a vendor in order to get your new device to work.
  • Promoting the creation of new products: Knowing that everyone is following the rules creates an open market in which even small vendors with just one great idea can compete. Creating this sort of atmosphere means that all the best minds can work together to help create great products that can enhance everyone’s life.
  • Ensuring that everyone follows the specifications: Of course, if you tell everyone that everyone else is following the rules, then you really do need to enforce those rules. Some vendors get the idea that the rules apply to everyone but them, so the Forum is there to help them remember that the rules are truly for everyone.
  • Educating the public: Keeping all the especially cool things that NFC can do a secret doesn’t help anyone. The NFC Forum helps ensure that everyone knows about the latest NFC advances so that everyone can enjoy them. Most important, by knowing that a new advancement exists, other vendors can build on it to create even better products.