Upgrading Matched Songs with Smart Playlists - dummies

Upgrading Matched Songs with Smart Playlists

By Barbara Boyd

When you want to upgrade a lot of songs with iTunes Match, doing it manually is tedious at best. Follow these steps to upgrade a batch of songs, using a Smart Playlist. It makes upgrading a lot easier and faster.

  1. In iTunes on your computer, choose File→New Smart Playlist.

  2. Select the Match All of the Following check box.

  3. From the pop-up menus, set the following criteria for the first rule:

    • Bit Rate is less than 256 kbps

  4. Click the Add Rule button (the plus sign) to add the second rule:

    • Media Kind is Music

  5. Option-click/Alt-click the Add Rule button to add the third rule:

    • Any of the following are true

  6. Click the Add Rule button to add the conditions for the third rule:

    • iCloud Status is Matched

    • iCloud Status is Purchased


  7. Click the Untitled Playlist in the Playlist library.

    You see all the matching songs.

  8. Choose Edit→Select All.

  9. Hold down the Option/Alt key and choose Edit→Delete, which lets you delete songs from your iTunes library even though you’re looking at a playlist.

  10. Click Delete Songs.

    Do not select Also Delete from iCloud.

    Don’t worry — remember, you have iTunes Match, so your songs are in iCloud.

  11. The playlist remains briefly, but each song now has the download button next to it.


    Because the songs don’t meet the rules of the original Smart Playlist, as soon as the playlist updates, your songs disappear. You have two options:

    • Click Music under Library and sort by the iCloud icon; then go to Step 13.

    • Create a new Smart Playlist that has the following three rules:

      Location is iCloud

      Location is not on this computer

      Kind is Music


  12. Choose Edit→Select All.

  13. Control-click/right-click and choose Download from the menu to begin downloading all the songs.

    A little clock appears in the first column next to each song that shows the status of each download and the status window tells you which song iTunes Match is downloading, how many seconds remain for that song, and how many songs remain to be downloaded.

    As each song is downloaded, it disappears from the playlist because it doesn’t meet the criteria any more.

    You can go to your Music library and begin listening.

If you have a song at a bit rate lower than 97 Kbps that iTunes Match deems ineligible for matching, Control-click/right-click the song and choose Create an AAC version, and then Control-click/right-click the AAC version and choose Add to iCloud. If it’s matched, you can then download the upgraded 256 Kbps version.