The iPod Touch Status Bar - dummies

By Tony Bove

The iPod touch shows its current state in the status bar at the top of the screen. The icons on the screen mean the following:

  • iPod: Just in case you forgot you had an iPod in your hands (very existential).

  • Wi-Fi: This icon says the iPod touch is connected to a Wi-Fi network. If the network offers Internet access (all commercial ones do), you’re on the Internet. The more bars you see in the icon, the stronger the connection to the network.

  • Airplane mode: This icon replaces the Wi-Fi icon if you turned on Airplane Mode on the Settings screen. When you turn Airplane Mode on, the iPod touch automatically turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Note that you can turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth back on while in Airplane Mode, so that you can use the airline’s Wi-Fi (if offered).

  • Network activity: This icon twirls to show that data is traveling from the network to your iPod touch (or vice versa).

  • VPN: If you have special network settings that access a virtual private network (VPN), this icon shows up next to the Wi-Fi icon to tell you that you are connected to it. Often used for corporate networks, a VPN provides secure information transport by authenticating users and encrypting data.

  • Do not disturb: If you tell your iPod touch not to disturb you with notifications, this partial moon icon appears. You can set the Notification Center to “do not disturb” by choosing Settings→Notifications.

  • Play: This icon tells you that a song, audio book, or podcast is playing (in case you didn’t know — maybe you took your headphones off).

  • Orientation lock: This icon appears if you locked the iPod touch in portrait display orientation.

  • Alarm: This icon appears if you set an alarm.

  • Location Services: This icon appears to the left of the battery icon if an app is using Location Services to determine the location of the iPod touch.

  • Bluetooth: This icon appears to the left of the battery icon only if Bluetooth is turned on. If Bluetooth is on and a device, such as a headset or keyboard, is connected, the icon is white; if it is on but nothing is connected, it turns gray.

  • Battery: The battery icon shows the battery level or charging status. It’s completely filled in when the battery is fully charged, and it slowly empties out into just an outline when the battery is used up. A lightning bolt appears inside the icon when the device is recharging, and a plug appears inside it when the iPod touch is connected to power.