Synchronizing Your iPod with iTunes - dummies

By Tony Bove

You can synchronize any iPod model with iTunes by connecting the device to a USB connection on your computer. With an iPod touch, you can also sync wirelessly with iTunes on your computer over your Wi-Fi network. You can also sync your music content with the iTunes Match library in your iCloud account.

When you first set up your iPod using iTunes, you can choose the option to sync your entire iTunes library automatically. From that point on, your iPod can synchronize with your entire library automatically.

The full, everything-but-the-kitchen-sync approach works well if your combined iTunes library, apps, and photo library are small enough to fit in their entirety on your iPod. For example, if your apps, iTunes content, and photo libraries combined are less than 60GB and you have a 64GB iPod touch, you can sync everything (although you may not have enough room for shooting photos and videos). Syncing everything copies your entire library, and it’s just as fast as copying individual items (if not faster) because you don’t have to select the items to copy.

You can see the size of the music, movies, TV shows, and other sections of your iTunes library in GB, or gigabytes, by choosing View→Show Status Bar. The status bar appears at the bottom of the iTunes window in the center and its information changes with each source you select (Music, Movies, TV Shows, and so on) and each tab you select for each source.

The status bar shows the number of items (such as albums under the Albums tab), the time it would take to play everything shown under the selected tab, and the space it occupies in gigabytes. To hide the status bar, choose View→Hide Status Bar.

If your iTunes library has more content than your iPod can hold, you can make decisions about which parts to sync. You can select options to synchronize music, TV shows, movies, and so on. For example, you can copy all your songs and audio books, but only some of your TV shows, none of your movies, and only the podcasts you haven’t heard yet.

You can also sync an iPod touch with your songs stored in the iTunes Match library in your iCloud account. Your purchased content from the iTunes Store is automatically stored in iCloud so that you always have a backup; you can also store songs in iCloud from other sources (such as downloaded songs and music on CDs) by setting up the iTunes Match service.