How to Restore Your iPod to Its Factory Condition - dummies

How to Restore Your iPod to Its Factory Condition

By Tony Bove

Restoring an iPod erases its storage and sets all settings to their original default values. To restore an iPod, follow these steps for both the Mac and Windows versions of iTunes:

  1. Connect the iPod to your computer.
    iTunes opens automatically.
  2. Click the iPod button.
    The Summary sync page appears.
  3. Click the Restore button.
    An alert dialog appears to confirm that you want to restore the iPod.
  4. Click the Restore button again to confirm the restore operation.
    A progress bar appears, indicating the progress of the restore operation. iTunes notifies you when the restore is finished.
  5. Sync your iPod with content from your iTunes library or manually manage your content.
    You can sync an iPod touch with your iTunes Match library in iCloud or with your iTunes library on your computer.
  6. Sync your iPod with personal information.
  7. When you finish syncing, eject the iPod by clicking the eject button next to its name in the source pane.

Now, with your iPod restored, refreshed, and re-synced, you’re ready to rock.