How to Play Music on Your iPod Touch - dummies

By Tony Bove

To play a song on an iPod touch, tap the song title or the Play button in Cover Flow. When the song finishes, the iPod plays the next song in the sequence that appeared in the list you chose it from.

For example, if you chose a song in the Songs screen, the next song would be the next one in sequence in the Songs screen. If you chose the last song on an album in the Albums screen, the iPod stops after playing it. If you chose a song from a playlist on the Playlists screen, the next song would be the next one in the playlist, and after playing the last song, it also stops playing, as with an album.

Whenever you play a song, you see the album cover associated with the song on the Now Playing screen, along with buttons for playback control — previous/rewind, play/pause, and next/fast-forward. Slide your finger along the volume slider at the bottom of the display to change the volume. You also see more buttons and the scrubber bar for navigating through the song. (On a fourth-generation iPod touch, tap the cover art or anyplace under the album title while a song is playing to show more buttons and lyrics.)

You can tap the cover art to see lyrics, if lyrics are available in the iTunes information. The option to show lyrics is turned on by default. If you want to turn off the display of lyrics, choose Settings→Music from the Home screen, and tap the On button for the Lyrics & Podcast Info option to turn it off.

The Now Playing screen (left); tap the cover to show lyrics (right).

Tap the next/fast-forward button once to play the next song in sequence, and tap the previous/rewind button once at the beginning of a song, or twice during the song, to play the previous song. You can fast-forward through a song by touching and holding down the next/fast-forward button, and you can rewind a song by touching and holding down the previous/rewind button.

You can tap the list button in the upper-right corner if you want to display a list of the album’s contents. You can then tap the title of another song on the album to start playing that song.

To return to menus and make other selections when playing a song, tap the left-arrow button in the upper-left corner of the display.

To skip to any point in a song, drag the playhead along the scrubber bar. To start a song over from the beginning, drag the playhead on the scrubber bar all the way to the left or tap the previous/rewind button once.

If you’re viewing another content menu on the iPod touch, tap Now Playing at the top-right corner of the display to go directly to the Now Playing display.

You can control music playback while the iPod touch is locked — double-click the physical Home button to see the playback controls on the screen. You can also control music playback while using another app — double-click the physical Home button, and then flick left to right along the bottom row to see the Music app’s music controls. Tap the Music icon to go back to the Music app.

If you have on your Wi-Fi network an AirPlay speaker system or Apple TV (which supports AirPlay), you can play music wirelessly from your iPod touch over AirPlay.

For details on playing content on AirPlay speakers or Apple TV, see “Tips on Using iPods and iPhones” in the free tips section at