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How to Use Multiple iPod Apps Simultaneously

By Tony Bove

Multitasking on an iPod touch is roughly the same: doing multiple things at once. In this case, you are running multiple apps at once — or at least it seems that way.

With fourth-generation and newer iPod touch models, you can quickly switch to another app you were running previously without having to relaunch the app. When you first run an app, it runs in the foreground where the action with your fingers occurs, and the other apps you were just running hang out in the background.

For example, after launching the Pandora app, it continues to work in the background to keep playing music from the web while you run another app in the foreground. Other examples are voice-prompted navigation apps, Internet-calling apps, and apps that perform long downloads — they keep working while you’re using another app in the foreground.

You can quickly move the currently running app to the background and switch to another background app by double-clicking the Home button.

The four most recently used background apps appear in the bottom row of the screen. Tap any app on this row to immediately switch to that app and move it to the foreground. You can also flick left to see more apps that are running in the background and tap any one of them.


While running any app, or while viewing any Home screen, you can double-click the Home button to see the bottom row of apps in the background.

You can also remove an app from the bottom row, terminating the app so it no longer runs in the background — touch and hold the app icon until all the icons in the bottom row start wiggling as if they were doing the jailhouse rock, with a circled minus (–) sign in the top-left corner of each app’s icon.

Tap the circled minus (–) sign to remove the app. You can free as many as you like. When finished, press the Home button once to stop the icons from wiggling. (The app appears again in the row of recently opened background apps the next time you run it and switch to another app.)