How to Use iTunes for Social Networking - dummies

How to Use iTunes for Social Networking

By Tony Bove

iTunes allows you to use your iPod touch or iPhone to stay in touch with your connections on all kinds of social networks, including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter:

  • Facebook: If you use Facebook, you can add friends, send them messages, and update your personal profile with photos, videos, links, and all sorts of Facebook widgets that extend the service’s functions. You can download the Facebook for iPhone app — which also runs on the iPod touch — by using iTunes. By using this app, you can check your friends’ status updates and photos, start a conversation in Facebook Chat, and upload images from your iPod touch or iPhone.


  • MySpace: MySpace focuses on music, movies, and TV shows. The MySpace Mobile for iPhone app, which you can download through iTunes, is easy to use and works fine on your iPod touch, as well. It lets you send and receive messages, check status updates and photos, stay up to date on bulletins, and upload images from your iPod touch or iPhone.


  • Twitter: The App Store has several applications for accessing Twitter that you can download to iTunes, including Twitterific (see figure). By using Twitterific, you can read messages from people you follow, post messages of your own, and get alerted to private direct messages and public replies.