How to Update Apps on Your iPod Touch - dummies

How to Update Apps on Your iPod Touch

By Tony Bove

You can find out from within iTunes if an iPod app you downloaded is updated by its publisher. Choose Apps in the Library section of the source list and click the Check for Updates button in the bottom-right corner of the apps screen.

iTunes checks to see which apps should be updated and takes you to the My Apps Update page in the iTunes Store, where you find icons of the apps to update. You can click the Get Update button next to each app’s icon to download the update or click Download All Free Updates in the upper-right corner of the page to grab all the updates at once.

iTunes may ask for a password first; enter your password and click the Buy button (even though the updates are mostly free). (iTunes may also ask for age confirmation if there are any items rated 17+ or adult.) After the downloads are completed, click the Done button on the My App Updates page. The updated apps automatically replace the previous versions of the apps.

The App Store on your iPod touch notifies you if any of your apps have been updated — a number appears in the App Store icon. You should update an app when an update is available because updates fix bugs and introduce new features you may want.

Tap the Updates icon at the bottom-right corner of the App Store screen to see the list of updated apps. You can then tap the Update All button in the top-right corner of the Updates screen to download all the available updates.

To update a single app, tap the app in the list to see the app’s information screen, and then tap the Update button. The Update button changes to the Install button. Tap Install, enter your password, and tap OK.

The updated versions replace the previous versions of the apps as they download into your iPod touch. As soon as the Loading message is replaced by the name of the app, the app is ready to be tapped.

You can also see all the app purchases you’ve made on your iTunes Store account by tapping Purchased at the top of the Updates screen on the iPod touch.