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How to Share iTunes Content with Your Apple TV

By Tony Bove

You can transfer iTunes movies and videos (and other content) to your Apple TV. This way, you don’t have to watch (or listen to) your iTunes content on your computer — you don’t even have to have your computer turned on at all.

Just sit back on your couch and let Apple TV offer up a smorgasbord of items from your iTunes library, which can be on your computer in another room and streamed to Apple TV over the network.

Apple TV is like a large iPod that wirelessly synchronizes with iTunes libraries and connects to your television and stereo system. These libraries can come from one or more iPods or iPhones, or from a Mac or PC. You can watch movies you download from the online iTunes Store (or anywhere else) on your television — regular TV or high definition — with full surround sound, if you have it. You can listen to music and podcasts in your iTunes library through your home stereo and show photo slideshows with music. It’s the wave of the future — couch potatoes kicking back with Apple consumer gear.

You control Apple TV with the Apple Remote, which uses Apple TV’s built-in infrared (IR) receiver. The menus for playing content and changing Apple TV settings appear on your television, so you can sit back on your couch and tune in to anything synchronized from your iTunes library. You can also play all the music in an iTunes library, streamed from the computer running iTunes, without synchronizing the entire library.