How to Set Up an iTunes Store Allowance Account

By Tony Bove

An iTunes Store allowance account lets you determine the amount of available credit each month, from $10 to $200, in increments of $10. You can change the amount of an allowance or stop it at any time. Setting an allowance is a good idea if you have a teenager who’s a music fan.

You can set up the allowance account for yourself or define an allowance for another existing account. All the recipient has to do is sign in to the account and type his or her password — no credit card is required. When the recipient reaches the limit of the allowance, he or she can’t use the account to buy anything else until the next month.

Here’s how you set up an allowance account:

  1. Click the Buy iTunes Gifts link in the Quick Links panel on the right side of the iTunes Store home page.

    The iTunes Gifts page opens.

  2. Click the Set Up an Allowance Now link in the Allowances section.

    iTunes takes you to the Allowance Setup page.

  3. Enter your name, your recipient’s name, and the monthly allowance amount (using the Monthly Allowance pop-up menu).


    You can also enter your recipient’s Apple ID and password, or choose the option to set up a new account.

  4. Click Continue to proceed with the account setup process, and then follow the instructions to finish setting up the account.

You can stop an allowance or change the amount of an allowance account:

  1. Click the Account button (top-right corner) or click the Account link in the Quick Links panel of the iTunes Store home page.

    A dialog box appears, asking for your password.

  2. Type your password and click View Account to log into your account.

  3. Click the Setup Allowance button to go to the Allowance page.

    On this page, you can make any changes you want to an allowance that you’ve created.