How to Set Up a Slideshow on an iPod Touch - dummies

How to Set Up a Slideshow on an iPod Touch

By Tony Bove

Slideshows are an especially entertaining way of showing pictures from your iPod touch because you can include music as well as transitions between them. With an iPod touch, you can use Apple TV to show off your creation on a high-def TV. With an iPod nano or iPod classic, you can use the Composite AV Cable from Apple (available in the Apple Store).

To set up a slideshow, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Settings→Photos & Camera from the Home screen.

    The Photos & Camera screen appears.

  2. Tap the Play Each Slide For option to set the duration of each slide.

    You can select ranges from 2 to 20 seconds.

  3. Select the other options as appropriate for your slideshow:

    • Repeat: Repeats the slideshow.

    • Shuffle: Shuffles photos in the slideshow in a random order.

  4. Tap the Settings button to return to the Settings screen or press the physical Home button to return to the Home screen.

To play a slideshow, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Photos on the Home screen.

  2. Choose a picture as described previously, and tap it to show the buttons and top menu.

  3. Tap the play slideshow button at the bottom of the picture.

    The Slideshow Options screen appears.

  4. (Optional) Tap the Transitions option to pick a transition to use between pictures in the slideshow.

    The Wipe Across transition is a favorite, but you can select Cube, Dissolve, Ripple, or Wipe Down.

  5. (Optional) To turn on music for the slideshow, tap the On/Off switch for the Play Music button so that it is set to On.

    The Music option appears.

  6. (Optional) Tap the Music option and select a song from your iPod touch music library.

    After you select a song, the Slideshow Options screen appears again.

  7. Tap the Start Slideshow button to start the slideshow (or tap Cancel to cancel the slideshow).

    The slideshow starts to play. You can swipe any picture left or right to move to the next or previous picture.

  8. Tap a picture or press the Home button to stop the slideshow.

    The Home button returns you to the Home screen. You can also stop a slideshow while remaining in the Photos app by tapping the picture.