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How to Set and Change Notificatons on Your iPod Touch

By Tony Bove

Notifications can automatically appear on an iPod touch from apps with new information, such as Facebook friend requests, even when the app isn’t running. (You can see notifications instantly in the Notification Center by swiping down from the top of any screen.)

Notifications differ depending on the app — some notify you with alerts (text or sound), and some display a numbered badge on the app icon (for example, to show that you have messages on Facebook or Twitter). You can control what type of notification you receive from each app, and you can turn notifications off or on for each app.

To turn notifications on or off, choose Settings→Notifications to see the Notifications screen. You can then set a Do Not Disturb schedule to not be disturbed by notifications — tap the Do Not Disturb button to see the Do Not Disturb screen.

If you tap the Off switch for Scheduled to turn it on, you can then tap the From/To button to see the Quiet Time screen, where you can set the “from” and “to” times using the same type of slot wheel you use to set the real time.

This setting defines the “quiet time” — to actually turn on the Do Not Disturb option and use this quiet time, choose Settings from the Home screen and tap the Off switch for Do Not Disturb to switch it on.

On the Notifications screen you can also tap Allow Calls From to specify which FaceTime calls you will accept: from everyone, from no one, from your list of favorites, or from certain groups of contacts. If you turn on Repeated Calls, you are allowing FaceTime caller to call twice within three minutes.

To set notifications for specific apps, scroll the Notifications screen to see the apps in the Notification Center. Tap an app, and then tap On next to the Notifications Center option to turn it off, or tap Off to turn it back on.

You can also specify the type of notification for each app: Select the app in the Notifications screen, and then tap the options for the alert styles. Turn on the Badge App Icon option at the bottom of the app’s notification options screen to show a badge on the app’s icon.

Turn on View in Lock Screen to see the app’s notifications on the lock screen when the iPod touch is locked.

You can also sort the app notifications in the Notification Center — tap Manually at the top of the Notifications screen to sort notifications manually, or By Time to sort them by time.