How to Report an iPhone App Problem from Your Computer

If an iPhone app doesn’t work properly, crashes, freezes, or otherwise messes up your iPhone, you should definitely report the problem so that Apple and the developer know of it and (hopefully) can fix it. You can report an app problem using iTunes (on your computer).

  1. Launch iTunes, choose Store→Sign In, type your account name and password, and then click the Sign In button.

  2. Choose Store→View My Account.

  3. Click the Purchase History button (even if the app was free).

  4. Click the Report a Problem button at the bottom of the Purchase History screen.

  5. Click the arrow to the left of the app that has the problem.

  6. Click the Report a Problem link for the app that has the problem.

  7. Choose a problem from the Problem drop-down menu.

    If your problem isn’t listed, choose “My concern isn’t listed here” and write about the problem in the Comments field.

  8. Click the Submit button.