How to Play Songs in iTunes - dummies

By Tony Bove

Playing your music in iTunes is pretty straightforward — when you find a song you want to play, simply select it in the Song List pane and then click the Play button. The Play button toggles to a Pause button while the song plays. When the song finishes, iTunes continues playing the songs in the list in sequence until you click the Pause button (which then toggles back into the Play button) or until the song list ends.

This setup is useful if you select an album, but not so great if you select a song at random and don’t want to hear the next one. (Fortunately, you can arrange songs in playlists so that they play back in exactly the sequence you want.)

You can skip to the next or previous song by pressing the right- or left-arrow keys on your keyboard, respectively, or by clicking the Forward or Back buttons next to the Play button. You can also double-click another song in the list to start playing it.

Press the spacebar to perform the same function as the Play button; press the spacebar again to pause.

You can choose songs to play manually, but iTunes also provides several automated features so that you can spend less time prepping your music selection and more time enjoying it.