How to Play Podcasts in iTunes - dummies

By Tony Bove

iTunes allows you to play podcasts. You can add podcast episodes to your iTunes library by subscribing to them in the iTunes Store or on any Web site that offers a podcast.

1Select the Podcasts option in the Library Section of the Source pane and choose List or Cover Flow view.

The podcasts appear in the Song List pane.

2Select the podcast in List view or in the list under the Cover Flow view, and then click the triangle to see its episodes.

The triangle rotates, and a list of episodes appears beneath the podcast.

3Select the podcast and then click the Play button.

You can use the iTunes playback controls to fast-forward or rewind the podcast or play it from any point. The blue dot next to a podcast means you haven’t yet played it. As soon as you start listening to a podcast, the dot disappears.