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How to Change Sound Effects and Ringtones on Your iPod

By Tony Bove

The click wheel of an iPod classic makes a clicking sound you can hear through its tiny speaker. You can turn it off by choosing Settings from the main menu and selecting Clicker once so that Off appears next to it on the right. Selecting Clicker again turns it back on.

Don’t want to hear the iPod touch keyboard click while you type or hear the snap noise as you swipe your finger over the unlock message? You can set which events can trigger sound effects as well as the volume of the sound effect. Choose Settings→Sounds from the iPod touch Home screen.

You can then turn on or off the sounds for new messages (the ringtone), new mail, sent mail, calendar alerts, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, locking and unlocking, and using the onscreen keyboard. Tap the On switch to turn off the sound for each option (or vice versa).

You can also set the Do Not Disturb option for an iPod touch to not be disturbed by sounds.

When someone calls your iPod touch with FaceTime, it plays a ringtone just like a cell phone. And when you get a text message (using the iMessage service) from the Messages app, your iPod touch plays a text tone — a ringtone set for text messages.

You can decide what the ringtone sounds should be for FaceTime calls and messages by choosing the ones supplied by Apple or by downloading ringtones from the iTunes Store. You can even make them yourself using a sound-editing program such as GarageBand on a Mac.

After downloading ringtones from the iTunes Store or importing ringtones to the Library section of the iTunes source pane, you can sync the ringtones with your iPod touch.

You can also assign individual ringtones and text tones to people in your Contacts list, so that you can tell by the ringtone which person is calling, or by the text tone which person the message is from.

To set ringtones, choose Settings→Sounds from the iPod touch Home screen, and tap Ringtone to set the tone for a FaceTime call or Text Tone to set the tone for a text message. You can then select a built-in tone, or if you sync ringtones from iTunes, you can select a synced tone. You can also tap the Buy More Tones button to buy ringtones from the iTunes Store.

Tap the Sounds button in the upper-left corner to return to the Sounds screen, and then drag the volume slider to adjust the volume of the ringtone and alert sounds. If you turn on the Change with Buttons option under the volume slider on an iPod touch, you can also use the volume buttons on the side to set and change the volume.