How to Browse iTunes by Cover Art - dummies

By Tony Bove

The box art for a video and the cover of a book help sell the product, but cover art is particularly influential with music, and you can browse your iTunes library by cover art.

One fantastic innovation of iTunes (version 7.1.1 or later) is how it integrates cover art from albums, book covers, and video boxes with your library so that you can flip through your content to find items based on the artwork. The following figure shows the iTunes window, using Cover Flow view to display the Music portion of the iTunes library. (Mac and Windows versions of iTunes look nearly identical and offer the same viewing options.)

Browse music by using Cover Flow view.
Browse music by using Cover Flow view.

Cover Flow lets you flip through your cover art to select music, movies, TV shows, and audio books. (The cover browser doesn’t work with podcasts, games, or radio stations.) Just drag the slider to scroll swiftly through your library, or you can click to the right or left of the cover art in the foreground to move forward or backward in your library, respectively. When you scroll or click through cover art, the content items in the List pane also change. Double-click the foreground cover art to start playing the first item — whether it’s an album’s first song, a movie, the first chapter of an audio book, or the first episode of a TV show.