How to Browse iTunes by Artist and Album

By Tony Bove

You can browse your iTunes library by artist and album. To do so, select Music in the Source pane in the Library section. The List view shows the title of each song in the Name column, the artist or band name in the Artist column, and the title of the album in the Album column.

The Column Browser in List view organizes music content into Genres, Artists, Albums, Composers, and Groupings columns — you can choose which columns to display by choosing View→Column Browser and selecting each category to show (or deselecting each category to remove). For example, this figure shows the Genres, Artists, and Albums columns, and it also displays the Artwork Column (which you can do by choosing View→Show Artwork Column.)

Select an artist to see the list of albums for that artist.
Select an artist to see the list of albums for that artist.

Select a genre in the Genre column to see artists in that genre or select All at the top of the Genre column to see all artists for all genres. When you select an artist in the Artist column (the middle column; see the figure), the album titles appear in the Album column (on the right). When you select an album in Browse view, iTunes displays only the songs for that album in the List pane below the Column Browser.