How to Add Videos to iTunes - dummies

By Tony Bove

You can add videos to iTunes by purchasing them from the iTunes Store or by downloading them from the Internet. Just drag the videos into iTunes, like you do with songs. After you add videos to iTunes, you can watch them on a video-enabled iPod.

You can watch QuickTime and MPEG-4 movies (files that end in .mov, .m4v, or .mp4) in iTunes and use them in a video-enabled iPod or iPhone and with Apple TV. QuickTime, the Apple digital video file format, is installed on every Mac. It’s also installed on PCs along with the Windows version of iTunes. QuickTime is used extensively in the digital video production world for making videos for the Web. Music videos, movie trailers, and other videos you can buy on the iTunes Store are in the QuickTime format. MPEG-4 is a standard format for digital video that works on just about any computer that plays video.

Just drag the video into iTunes just like a song file. Drag each video file from the Mac Finder or Windows Desktop to the library, directly to a playlist in the iTunes Source pane, or to the list or artwork view on the right side of the iTunes window.

The video files that you drag into iTunes, along with the movies, TV shows, and music videos you purchase from the iTunes Store, appear in the Movies section of your iTunes library — click Movies in the Library section of the Source pane.

Video files are organized in folders and stored in the music library on your hard drive just like song files. You can find the video file’s location on your hard drive and its type by selecting File→Get Info.