How to Add Podcasts to iTunes - dummies

By Tony Bove, Cheryl Rhodes

It’s easy to add podcasts to iTunes. You can add podcasts to your iTunes library by subscribing to them in the iTunes Store or by subscribing to them directly from Web sites that host them. Similar to a tape of a radio broadcast, you can save and play a podcast at your convenience — both in iTunes on your computer and on your iPod.

A podcast can be anything from a single song or video to a radio or TV show. Audio podcasts are saved in the MP3 format and may be used with any media player, device, or application that supports MP3, including your iPod. Video podcasts are saved in the QuickTime (.mov) format or the Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG-4) formats, including the standard .mp4 format and the Apple TV .m4v format, which can be used with iPods (that play video), Apple TV, and many other video players.

The podcast producer uses Real Simple Syndication (RSS) technology — the same technology used to distribute blogs and news feeds across the Internet — to publish the podcast. RSS feeds are typically linked to an RSS or an eXtensible Markup Language (XML; the language of RSS) button. With a feed reader, aggregator application, or browser plug-in, you can automatically check RSS-enabled Web pages and display updated stories and podcasts. RSS version 2, the most popular version for podcasting, is supported directly by some Web browsers, including Apple’s Safari for Mac OS X.

With iTunes, you can play a podcast, incorporate it into playlists, make copies, and burn it onto CD as much as you like. If you don’t like the podcast, simply delete it from your iTunes library and update your iPod to delete it from your iPod.