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Benefits of the iCloud for Your iPod Touch

By Tony Bove

With iCloud, you can keep your iPod touch synchronized to everything you have in the cloud wirelessly, without having to connect it to your computer (that is, from any Wi-Fi location). iCloud stores your stuff and wirelessly syncs with all your Macs, iPod touches, iPhones, and iPads. Of course, your iPod touch must be awake to sync (meaning that the screen is on).

How to sync your iPod touch with iCloud

After you set up your iPod touch with iCloud, to automatically download content you purchased on the iTunes Store with your account — on your computer, or on any iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad wirelessly (that is, from any Wi-Fi location) — tap Settings→iTunes & App Stores. The iTunes & App Stores screen appears. You can turn on or off the Music, Apps, or Books options in the Automatic Downloads section.

When turned on, all iTunes purchases you make of music, apps, or books from the iBookstore on any other iCloud-synced device are automatically downloaded to your iPod touch.

To set up or change iCloud options on your iPod touch, choose Settings→iCloud. The iCloud settings screen appears with on/off switches for each service. The Accounts button (with your account’s e-mail address) appears above the Mail service.


You can turn the iCloud services on or off, such as Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Safari (for bookmarks). iCloud stores the most current version of this information from all your other iCloud-enabled devices — including your Mac or Windows PC, and any other iPod touches, iPhones, or iPads you’ve set up with iCloud. Your iPod touch syncs automatically with the information in your iCloud account.

You can turn the Photo Stream service on to sync the photos you recently took with your iPod touch when using iCloud.

To see how much storage and backup space you have on iCloud, and to buy more, scroll to the very bottom of the iCloud settings screen and tap Storage & Backup. The Storage & Backup screen appears.

The Storage section shows the total storage you have and the amount still available. You can choose to turn on iCloud Backup, which automatically keeps a backup of your Camera Roll, account settings, documents, and other settings. The backup occurs when your iPod touch is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi — so that the backup operation doesn’t run down your battery.

To buy more storage space from Apple for your iPod touch backup, tap Manage Storage on the Storage & Backup screen, and then tap the Buy More Storage button on the Manage Storage screen — the Buy More Storage screen appears with selections for 10GB ($20/year), 20GB ($40/year), and 50GB ($100/year). You don’t need more storage for music — use iTunes Match for storing your music in iCloud.

To see your account and payment information, tap the account button (the button with your e-mail address) at the top of the iCloud settings screen. You can then see your account information and your storage plan, and you can tap the Payment Information button to see your payment information.

How to find a lost iPod touch

One of the most valuable features of iCloud is the Find My iPhone feature, which also works with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad models, as well as Macs running Mountain Lion. If you have lost your iPod touch or you think it may have been stolen, and have already enabled the Find My iPod touch feature, and have turned on Wi-Fi and location services for the iPod touch, you can:

  • Find its approximate location on iCloud using any Mac or PC with a web browser, or using the free Find My iPhone app on another iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

  • Play an alert sound on your lost iPod touch.

  • Remotely erase everything on it, in case it was stolen.

  • Set the iPod touch to Lost Mode, which lets you change its passcode.

To find your iPod touch, sign into iCloud and click Find My iPhone. Click the Devices button in the upper-left corner to choose your iPod touch, and iCloud locates your iPod touch on a map. You can then click:

  • Play Sound: Play an alert sound on your iPod touch. This is useful if you’ve just misplaced it and can’t find it.

  • Lost Mode: Lock your iPod touch with a new passcode.

  • Erase iPod touch: Erase all of your content and settings on the iPod touch. After doing this, you can’t use Find My iPhone to find it again.