How to Write an NFC Tag - dummies

How to Write an NFC Tag

By Robert R. Sabella

Part of NFC For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Knowing how to write data to tags is important if you want to create custom applications of your own. To write data to a tag, you must have a tag writer application, such as TagWriter, installed on your device. After the application starts, you typically use steps like these to write data to a tag:

  1. Select an encoding type.

    The encoding type determines the kind of data that the tag contains. Here are some typical encoding types:

    • Contact

    • URI

    • Plain text

    • Short Message Service (SMS)

    • Email

    • Telephone

    • Bluetooth

  2. Define a bookmark to hold the data.

  3. Create the data.

  4. Choose the encoding options, which can include the following:

    • Locking the tag to prevent further changes

    • Writing multiple tags using the same data

    • Confirming the overwriting of existing tag data

  5. Tap the tag to encode it.

    The process typically takes a few seconds, so you must leave the device in place until the application tells you that encoding is complete.