How to Use the PSPgo - dummies

How to Use the PSPgo

You can use PSPgo’s download-only content to play games, watch videos, listen to podcasts or your favorite songs, look at photos, or browse the Internet. The new PSPgo has a built-in 16GB of flash memory and a memory slot that you can use to double the storage space. The PSPgo lightens your load by eliminating the need to carry around a bunch of UMDs.

How to charge the battery on a PSPgo

Before you can use the PSPgo, you need to charge the battery. Plug the multiuse cable into the AC adaptor, and connect the cable to the PSPgo. Next plug the AC power cord into the AC adaptor and plug it into an outlet. The orange power indicator light will turn off when the charge is complete.

Basic use instructions for the PSPgo

Once you’ve powered up the battery, you’re ready to rock on with the PSPgo:

  1. Slide the Power/Hold switch up.

    The power indicator will turn green.

    You can also turn on the PSPgo simply by sliding the display panel up.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the initial set up of your PSPgo.

    To move around in the PSPgo, you’ll need to get used to the XrossMediaBar (also called the XMB), which is the PSPgo’s menu system.

  3. Select a category on the XMB using one of the directional buttons on the left of the control panel. Then press the X button to confirm your selection.

    Choose from these categories:

    PlayStation Network: Access the PlayStation Store and other network services.

    Network: Access the internet

    Game: Play your games

    Video: Watch movies video clips and rentals

    Music: Access your favorite music and playlists

    Photo: Look at photos you’ve transferred from a PC

    Settings: Adjust system controls

  4. Slide the Power/Hold switch down to turn off PSPgo.

    Closing the PSPgo display panel will not turn it off.

    To put the PSPgo into sleep mode, hold the power/hold switch up for 3 seconds.

What you can do with the PSPgo

You can also use the PSPgo to access your PS3 from anywhere in the world, letting you access all the games, movies, and music stored on the PS3’s relatively massive hard drive:

  • Access the Internet (as long as you have access to a Wi-Fi hotspot).

    Select Network from the XMB and follow the on-screen commands to connect to a local network.

  • Access your Bluetooth devices.

    Select Settings→Bluetooth Device Settings→Bluetooth Connection on the XMB to turn on Bluetooth. Select Manage Bluetooth Devices→Scan for Bluetooth Devices and press the X button. The PSPgo will look for available devices. Select your device and press the X button to pair them up.

  • Access the PlayStation Store to download games and videos.

    Selecting PlayStation Network on the XMB and then select PlayStation Store.

  • Access all the media files on your PC

    Use Media Go — Sony’s free media organizer — to easy move music, videos, and games to and from your PSPgo.

You can Press the O button to cancel an action. To see additional options for a menu, select the menu icon and press the triangle button to open the options menu.