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How to Organize PSPgo Content by Using Media Go

An easy way to organize all the content for your PSPgo is to use Sony’s free Media Go software. Use Media Go to organize games, movies, and songs for your PSPgo. You can even use it to access the PlayStation Store to purchase new content. When you access the PlayStation Store using Media Go, you’ll have access to enhanced game previews and game stills to help you decide on which games you want.

Media Go is also the easiest way to transfer music, photos, and videos from your PC to your PSPgo. Using Media Go, you can organize your demo games and movie rentals by expiration date, subscribe to podcasts, rip songs from your CDs, create music playlists, and rotate your photos for optimal viewing in the PSPgo. In addition, Media Go automatically converts media files into a compatible format.

  1. Go to Sony’s Media Go Web site and click Download Media Go 1.3 – Free.

  2. Click Save and choose a location that will be easy to find.

    The file isn’t large, so it will only take a few minutes.

  3. Locate the downloaded file and double click it.

    The Media Go unpacking wizard will appear.

    To install Media Go, your PC needs to be running Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later. You need a 1GHz processor and 1GB RAM, Apple QuickTime 7.2 or later and have a USB port to plug in the PSPgo’s multi-use cable.

  4. Use the default file location or choose a new one and click Next.

    The wizard will extract the necessary files. The Media Go installation wizard appears.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Media Go software on your PC. Click Finish to complete the installation and close the installer.

    You might need to install additional software during the installation process. When the Media Go program is fully installed, the program will start automatically.

    You can open Media Go on your PC any time by selecting Start→All Programs→Sony→Media Go→Media Go.

  6. The Media Go Setup Assistant will appear and ask for some specific information about your PC. Click Next to move through the wizard.

    For example, it will ask you whether you want it to monitor all of your media folders and whether you have an iTunes music folder. It will also give you the opportunity to add additional media folders to the list.

  7. Answer the on-screen prompts and click Finish.

    Media Go will review your media folders and compile your library of data.

  8. Connect your PSPgo to the PC using the multi-use.

    When Media Go recognizes the PSPgo, it will appear in the left navigation pane.

    If you have a Memory Stick Micro installed in your PSPgo, it will appear as a separate item.

  9. Click Music in the left pane.

    You’ll see the files in your PC’s music folder.

  10. Click a song that you’d like to have on your PSPgo and simply drag it to the Music tab under the PSPgo in the left pane.

    Your song is transferred that easily.

    You can also transfer files by selecting the PSPgo or Memory Stick Micro in the Add song to drop down box at the bottom of the Music screen. Then just click a song to transfer it to the PSPgo.

  11. Create a playlist for your PSPgo by hovering over the Playlist tab in the left pane.

    A blank playlist will appear waiting for you to give it a name.

  12. Name the playlist and click the Music tab and select the playlist in the Add song to drop down box at the bottom to screen. Now just click the songs you want on that playlist.

    You can also add songs to the playlist by dragging them to the playlist listed under the Playlist tab on the left.

  13. When you’re finished, just drag the playlist to the Music tab on the PSPgo.

    The playlist will automatically transfer to the PSPgo.

  14. To download new games and movies, click the PlayStation Store tab on the left pane.

    The PlayStation Store portal for Media Go works just like it does on the PSPgo itself, except that you have access to more extensive game previews and game stills.

  15. To move games to and from the PSPgo, just click the Game tab for either the PSPgo or the PC and simply drag the game to the new location.

    This flexibility means you don’t have to limit yourself to just the games that fit on the PSPgo. You can get all the games you want and just store them on the PC until you want to play.

  16. When you finish, close the window.

    You can disconnect your PSPgo from the PC.