How to Load Music onto the PSPgo from a PC - dummies

How to Load Music onto the PSPgo from a PC

The PSPgo is as much an MP3 player as it is a gaming device. The simplest way to load music on a PSPgo is to transfer the files from a PC. All you need to get started are some music files and a PSPgo multiuse cable that came with the system.

There are two other methods for loading music on your PSPgo. You can also download music files from the Web directly to your PSPgo or you can use Sony’s Media Go software to transfer files to and from a PC.

  1. Select Music from the XMB and select either the Memory Stick Micro or System Storage icon depending on where you want to store the files.

    Look at the Free Space information. This will tell you how much room you have available.

  2. If there is enough space, connect the PSPgo to one of the PCs USB slots using the multi-use cable that came with the PSPgo.

    The PC won’t recognize the PSPgo until you put it into USB mode.

  3. On the XMB, go to Settings→USB Connection and press the X button.

    You’ll notice that you’re computer registers the PSPgo as Removable Media.

  4. On the Computer folder on your PC and browse to the PSPgo and then to the MUSIC folder.

    If you don’t see a MUSIC folder on your PSPgo, it means that you’re accessing a Memory Stick Micro that hasn’t been formatted. Format the memory stick using the PSPgo first, and then try to load your music.

  5. Open another window on your PC and browse to the music file that you want to copy to your PSPgo.

    The file must be in a compatible format: MP3, MP4, WAV, or WMA.

  6. Drag the file from the original location to the MUSIC folder on your PSPgo.

    As the file transfers, you’ll notice a light bar on the PSPgo indicating the file transfer progress.

    Individual song files should not be in subfolders.

  7. (Optional) To create a music group on your PSPgo, create a subfolder in the MUSIC folder and give it a name that you’ll be able to recognize. Place a copy of the songs you want to play in that music group in the folder.

    You can create a number of different music groups for different moods. When in Group Mode only the songs in that play list will play.

    To play a music group, start playing any song. While it is playing, click the triangle button to open the Music Control panel. Select Group Mode, and then select the music group you want to hear and press the X button. To turn off Group Mode, press the triangle button while a song is playing and select Clear from the Music Control panel.

  8. When the file transfer finishes, you can unplug the PSPgo and access the new content.

    Select Music from the XMB, and then select either System Storage or the Memory Stick Micro icon, depending on where you stored the files. Then just select the icon for the song you want to hear and press the X button.