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How the Nintendo DSi Compares to Nintendo DS Lite

When you compare the Nintendo DSi to the older Nintendo DS Lite, you’ll see that Nintendo has made some significant improvements. The Nintendo DSi retains the features that made the DS and DS Lite so popular, but now features easier downloading for games and more control over the audio and camera components.

Physical differences between the Nintendo DSi and DS Lite


The new Nintendo DSi has a larger screen, a longer stylus, and a slightly thinner body. Although it is thinner, it’s also heavier than the Nintendo DS Lite. These are the only real physical changes. However, the physical differences are significant enough that any accessories you bought for the DS or the DS Lite won’t work in the new DSi. On the plus side, you can still use your older Nintendo DS and DS Lite games

New features of the Nintendo DSi

The new Nintendo DSi has three new features that set it apart from previous Nintendo DS models: Nintendo DSiWare, Nintendo DSI Camera with photo-manipulation software, and Nintendo DSi Sound.

Nintendo DSiWare


The most significant feature upgrade to the DSi is the introduction of DSiWare, which are games and other software that can be downloaded directly from the Nintendo DSi Shop to your DSi. DSiWare are similar to the WiiWare products that you can download for the Wii consoles.

To download DSiWare, you’ll go online to the Nintendo DSi Shop and create an account. You’ll then load that account by purchasing Nintendo DSi Points with a credit card to gift card. When you access the DSi Shop from your DSi, you can cash in those points for games and other downloads.

Nintendo DSi Camera


The new DSi has not one but two cameras — one pointed away from the player and one pointed at the player. You can use these cameras to interact with games and to take photos. The DSi also includes built-in photo-manipulation software that lets you play with the pictures you take. There are ten special effects that you can apply to your photos. These effects include everything from an ordinary black and white filter to one that warps the photos to one that merges faces together.

Nintendo DSi Sound

The new DSi includes a feature called Nintendo DSi Sound. You can load your favorite songs into the DSi or record your own sounds and music. While you’re playing your sounds and music, you can use one of 12 different audio filters to play with the sounds by adjusting the speed, pitch and tempo of a song or even use the instrumental filter to remove the vocal tracks. You can also use DSi Sound to record your own voice or sound effects. Using DSi Sound you can control your audio your way.