Yoga Exercises for Wii Fit Plus - dummies

Yoga Exercises for Wii Fit Plus

By Christina T. Loguidice, Bill Loguidice

Part of Wii Fitness For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Wii Fit Plus offers 18 different yoga poses. When doing the poses it is always important to pay attention to your center of balance and your breathing to optimize performance and prevent injuries.

Exercise* Sanskrit/Hindi Name Target Purpose Pose Type Potential Contraindications**
Deep Breathing Pranayama Entire Body Improves Metabolism Two-legged None, but discontinue if you become light-headed, tired, or
Half-Moon Ardha Chandrasana Waist Increase Flexibility Two-legged Low blood pressure, headache, diarrhea, insomnia, varicose
Warrior Virabhadrasana Thighs and Hips Aligns Pelvis Two-legged High blood pressure, diarrhea
Tree Vrksasana Legs and Back Strengthens One-legged Headache, insomnia, high or low blood pressure
Sun Salutation Surya Namaskar Arms and Thighs Increases Flexibility Two-legged High blood pressure, pregnancy, chronic back problems
Standing Knee N/A**** Thighs Increases Flexibility One-legged Pregnancy, knee and chronic back problems
Palm Tree Talasana Calves, Ankles, and Back Strengthens and Improves Balance Two-legged High or low blood pressure
Chair Utkatasana Back, Legs, and Abs Strengthens and Improves Balance Two-legged Headache, insomnia, low blood pressure
Triangle Trikonasana Lower Body and Waist Strengthens Two-legged High or low blood pressure, diarrhea, headache, heart or neck
Downward-Facing Dog Adho Mukha Svanasana Back Stretches and Strengthens Floor High blood pressure, pregnancy, diarrhea, carpal tunnel
Dance Natarajasana Hip and Spine Improves Balance and Aligns One-legged Low blood pressure
Cobra Bhujangasana Back Improves Posture Floor Carpal tunnel, headache, back injury, pregnancy
Bridge Setu Bandha Sarvangasana Torso and Hips Strengthens Floor Neck injury
Spinal Twist Supta Matsyendrasana Back and Pelvis Stretches and Aligns Floor Back or spine injury
Shoulder Stand Sarvangasana Abs and Back Strengthens Floor High blood pressure, menstruation, pregnancy, and ear, eye, and
neck disorders
Spine Extension *** Shoulders, Legs, and Waist Strengthens Two-legged Back or neck injury,pregnancy, high blood pressure
Gate Parighasana Side Torso, Hamstrings, Calves, Shoulders, and Abdomen Stretches and relieves tension Floor Knee injury
Grounded V Navasana Abs Strengthens Floor Asthma, diarrhea, headache, heart problems, low blood pressure,
menstruation, pregnancy, neck injury

*Yoga poses have many variations, depending on the yoga style; therefore, if you were to take a yoga class, you may find these poses performed slightly differently from the Wii Fit Plus versions. For instance, there is a Warrior (Virabhadrasana) I, II, and III, of which the Wii Fit Plus offers Warrior II.

**This list includes the most common contraindications for each pose, but these are by no means the only ones. Before starting any exercise, it is important to consult with your physician, especially if you have any of the conditions on the list.

***Advanced User activities are those deemed to be more challenging by Wii Fit Plus.

****N/A indicates non-applicable and denotes an activity for which there is no Sanskrit/Hindi name equivalent.