How to Hide Unsightly Cables - dummies

By Danny Briere, Pat Hurley

Hide your cables and speaker wire to prevent major clutter in your home theater. Most people have dealt with unsightly cables in some way: You tuck a droopy line behind a bookshelf, shove a stray cable out of the way. For most people, speaker cables (and other types of cables) are an unsightly reminder of all the work they’ve put into building their home theaters, and hiding these wires is a good thing.

Here are some possible solutions to hiding those ugly cables:

  • Put the cables inside the wall or ceiling. This is the best way to hide cables, if you can pull it off. If you have a basement or attic just under or over your home theater room, using in-wall speaker cabling is pretty easy. Just make sure that you have the proper kind of speaker cable (UL-rated CL3 or higher) and that you use a thicker cable (lower gauge), such as 14- or even 12-gauge.

  • Install a raceway along the baseboards that can contain the wires. The raceway can even be the baseboard itself, as long as there’s room for cables behind it. Or, you can use thin (but wide) flat cables.

    Monster Cable sells flat speaker cables in its “Invisible Out of Wall” series. Taperwire also offers flattened versions of speaker cables. These flat cables are hard to see when placed along your baseboards and can even be painted to match your wall colors.

Never hide cables or electrical wiring under carpets or rugs. Walking over the carpet can cause abrasion to the wires, and that can lead to fire.