How to Get Internet Radio for a Home Theater - dummies

How to Get Internet Radio for a Home Theater

By Danny Briere, Pat Hurley

You can get great radio programming from Internet radio broadcasts if you set up a home theater PC in your A/V (audio/video) system. Internet radio enables you to tune in to literally thousands of radio stations from around the world.

So if your favorite radio station is just out of range from your location, you can just tune in on the Internet. Pretty cool, and it doesn’t cost you an extra penny. This is also a great way to get the radio broadcasts of your favorite college sports teams.

Check out the following Internet radio hosting or search sites for cool stations:

To access Internet radio, use MP3 player software such as iTunes, or streaming media player software, such as Windows Media Player or Real Player. You also can use a Media Center PC to access Internet radio content. With a broadband DSL or cable modem Internet connection, the quality is pretty decent.