How to Burn Labels Onto CDs and DVDs - dummies

How to Burn Labels Onto CDs and DVDs

By Danny Briere, Pat Hurley

Burn labels onto your CDs and DVDs to keep them organized. You can burn silkscreen-quality labels directly on your CDs and DVDs with a cool new technology: LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling.

To use LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling, you need a LightScribe-enabled optical disc drive (either built into your computer or an external drive), LightScribe-compatible media (CDs and DVDs with a special coating), and the LightScribe System Software.

With LightScribe, you create or download the label of your choice. Then, after you burn your data, music, or video onto a CD or DVD, simply flip the disc over, put it back into the drive, and burn your newly created (laser-etched) label design directly onto the disc. It looks professional and way cool. Look for the LightScribe logo when buying a burner.


You can save a few bucks (and get results almost as good as LightScribe) by combining “printable” CDs and DVDs (look on the label when you buy) with a printer such as Epson’s R280 — this combination lets you pop the disc right into a slot on the printer to create high-quality labels using the inkjet printer.