Going Wi-Fi: Wireless Connections in a Home Theater - dummies

Going Wi-Fi: Wireless Connections in a Home Theater

By Danny Briere, Pat Hurley

Why Wi-Fi? Wireless networking has made a huge splash in the whole-home theater and computer networking worlds, with significant advances in 802.11 or Wi-Fi technology (a type of wireless computer LAN).

Here are a few points to keep in mind regarding wireless home theater connections:

  • As more people begin to use PCs and the Internet in their home theaters, Wi-Fi technology is increasingly moving from the computer world to the consumer electronics world.

  • Many manufacturers, such as NETGEAR and D-Link, have created devices called Wi-Fi Ethernet bridges specifically for home entertainment/home theater gear. These bridges make it easy to connect Internet-capable home theater gear to your home’s Wi-Fi network with the help of an Ethernet port. (Ethernet is the common computer network that uses CAT-5e cabling and RJ-45 jacks.)

    You can buy one of these bridges and use a short length of CAT-5e cabling to connect it to your PVR (personal video recorder), MP3 server, home theater PC, or even your gaming console (such as Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3). The bridge then connects wirelessly (using radio waves) to your DSL or cable modem through a device called a wireless access point.