Adding Fiber Optic Lights to Your HDTV Experience - dummies

Adding Fiber Optic Lights to Your HDTV Experience

By Danny Briere, Pat Hurley

You don’t have to be deep in the heart of Texas to see stars on your HDTV room’s ceiling. In fact, you can buy neat fiber optic kits to add all sorts of effects to your HDTV theater. Companies such as Acoustic Innovations (Acoustic Innovations) offer fiber optic kits that can do the following:

  • Cover your ceiling: To make your ceiling look like a nighttime sky, you can apply fiber optic starfield ceiling panels to your existing ceiling. The panels both make your ceiling more fun and offer acoustical correction.
  • Cover your walls: You can install infinite starfield panels that are made of multiple polycarbonate mirrors and fiber optic lighting and create an illusion of infinite depth. Pretty neat if you’re into psychedelic midnight shows!
  • Cover your floor: You can get fiber optic carpeting that’s filled with tiny points of light (50 fiber optic points per square foot, to be precise).
  • Cover your windows: You can get classic, velvety, fiber optic curtains that can twinkle, too.

If you put all these in one room, you can probably think about charging admission for the room itself, much less the movie!

Each of the fiber optic kits comes with a dimmer, speed control for twinkle, and on/off switch. You even get to choose between a twinkle or color-change wheel. Fiber optic starfield lights run about $50 per unit.