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Game Cheats for Left 4 Dead 2

One of the most popular games of the year is the new Left 4 Dead 2. The following game cheats for Left 4 Dead 2 will help you get the most out of your gaming time and take advantage of many hints and bonus point opportunities.

In the new Left 4 Dead 2, you’ll work together with other survivors during the aftermath of a pandemic that has turned most of the human race into zombies. This cooperative first-person shooter game has received acclaim for its innovative gameplay — as well as criticism for its unapologetically graphic style.


  • Weapons Info (Xbox 360, PC): Go to the gun shop in Dead Center to find an accurate description of nearly every weapon in the game.

  • Easy Healing (Xbox 360, PC): Use an adrenaline shot (they can be found at every level) to quickly restore your health so that you can keep fighting.

  • Survival Technique (Xbox 360): When dealing with a large horde of zombies, retreat to a corner and ready a melee weapon. Aim at the infected and hold the RB buttons for continuous attack.


  • Guardin’ Gnome Achievement (Xbox 360, PC): You can win the Guardin’ Gnome Achievement when you play the shooting range game in part 2 of the Dark Carnival.

    The shooting gallery will be well lit and will have Moustachio emblazoned on it. To get the gnome you must get 750 points. Hit the red button to activate the game and shoot everything but the blue peanut. You’ll get the gnome, which you must carry until you’re back on board the chopper. You’ll be able to drop the gnome and pick it back up again; you can also leave it in a safe room until later or use it as a weapon.

  • Gong Show Achievement (Xbox 360, PC): You can win a Gong Show Achievement (“stronger than Moustachio”) by playing the strength-testing game at the Dark Carnival. (It should be in the first area after exiting the safe room.)

    If you inject some adrenaline first and then use a melee weapon to hit the red button, you’ll get the win.

    Earning the Gong Show Achievement will summon the infected!

  • Quick and the Dead Achievement (Xbox 360, PC): Collect the adrenaline shots that can be found on any level.

    Use an adrenaline shot then quickly revive a teammate 10 times for this Achievement. Go to a safehouse and shoot your teammates, then use a shot to quickly revive them. Repeat as necessary until you’ve revived 10 teammates mark and win the achievement.

  • Stache Whacker Achievement (PC): Earn this achievement by playing the Whac-A-Mole-like game in the arcade near the start of Dark Carnival (part 4).

    Press the button on the front of the game and whack the Moustachios that pop up with a melee weapon. When you hit a score of 46, you’ll break the game and you’ll get the Stache Wacker Achievement (be “faster than Moustachio”).

    This game will draw the attention of the zombies.

If you want to get into more involved game cheats for the PC game, you can modify the actual game code. If you enable the developer console, you can modify character appearance, experience, money and a variety of other aspects of the game. However, any time you modify game code, you take a risk of changing things so much that the game no longer works. Be sure to thoroughly investigate before altering any game code.