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Game Cheats for Dragon Age: Origins

One of the most popular games of the year is the new Dragon Age: Origins. The following game cheats for Dragon Age: Origins will help you get the most out of your gaming time and take advantage of many hints and glitches. You’ll work to save Fereldon from the evil Darkspawn in the expansive RPG game. Dragon Age: Origins is a huge game with hundreds of missions and side quests to keep you busy.


  • Unequip (PS3, PC, Xbox 360): When members of your party need to leave (for whatever reason), be sure to remove all their inventory items before they go. You can use or sell these items as needed.

    If you know that some character is going to die shortly, go ahead and remove their items beforehand.

  • Ghost Bridge (PS3, PC, Xbox 360) The following process will help you to get across the Ghost Bridge in the Urn of Sacred Ash quest:

    Step 1. Right one, right two, left three.

    Step 2. Step on to first section of ghost bridge.

    Step 3. Right two, left three, left six.

    Step 4. Step on to second section of ghost bridge.

    Step 5. Right two, right four, left six.

    Step 6. Right four, left one, left six.

    Step 7. Step on to third section of ghost bridge.

    Step 8. Right four, right five, left one.

    Step 9. Right five, left one, left five.

    Step 10. Walk off the bridge.

    This task is much harder on the PC version of this game because the sections of the bridge don’t remain solid once the player passes them.

  • Ceremonialist and Sacrilegious Achievement (PS3, Xbox 360): You can collect both the Sacred Ashes Trophies/Achievements without having to replay the entire game.

    First, be sure to save your game before you ascend the stairs to the ashes. Then, collect a pinch of ashes and mix it with blood. Next, let yourself to be killed and then reload your saved game. Then ascend the stairs again but this time collect the ashes but don’t mix it with blood. When you leave the temple and win the fight, you’ll to get the second Trophy/Achievement.


  • Leveling Up (PS3, PC, Xbox 360): You can level up on experience by exploiting a glitch in the Tainted Blood mission in Ostargar.

    For this glitch you need collect the three Vials of Darkspawn Blood but don’t collect the scrolls that contain the Grey Warden Treaties. Take your vials and talk to Duncan. Choose the conversation “We have the blood, but not the scrolls.” At the end of the conversation you’ll gain experience. You can keep repeating the same conversation over and over and receive experience each time. You can use this glitch to work your way up to the level cap at 25.

  • Free Specialization Books (PS3, Xbox 360): You can purchase Specialization Books from vendors without losing any money.

    First, save your game, then purchase the book. When you see the “Specialization Unlocked” message, reload the game that you saved before buying the book. You’ll get your money back and keep the new Specialization.

  • Unlimited Enhancement Crystals (PS3, Xbox 360): If you can talk the Redcliff innkeeper into joining the fight, he’ll leave the barmaid in charge of the inn. If you ask her for supplies, she’ll give you anything you want for free.

    Leave the inn and then go back. Each time you return she’ll give you more crystals. Once you reach the “Cear” tier, the new crystals sells for 1 gold piece.

  • Duplicate Items (PS3, Xbox 360): You can duplicate any items as long as you have at least two copies.

    To do this, move at least two copies of the item to the “Junk” section of your bag. Go to any merchant and press “sell all the junk in your bag”. Then, select the item from the merchant’s side to buy back all but one of the items. When it is in your bag again, select it and press TRIANGLE followed by X very quickly. You can keep this up until you have 99 of the item.

    This glitch is all about the timing and it is a bit tricky. You’ll probably need to try it a few times before you get it down.

  • Infinite Attributes: To take advantage of this glitch you need to be willing to sacrifice one of your stats. (For example, if you’re a Warrior, you could sacrifice Magic without losing anything.)

    Put all your points in the stat you plan to lose at the level up screen. Click Next, then click Previous and then Reset. Your sacrificial stat should now have more points in it than before. Choose Next and then choose Play to save your changes made. Repeat this process to continue accumulating points. You can manually move these points to another attribute as you wish. The most you can put in at a time is 100 points.

If you want to get into more involved game cheats for the PC game, you can modify the actual game code. If you enable the developer console, you can modify character appearance, experience, money and a variety of other aspects of the game. However, any time you modify game code, you take a risk of changing things so much that the game no longer works. Be sure to thoroughly investigate before altering any game code.