How to Prolong Battery Life in Your Laptop - dummies

How to Prolong Battery Life in Your Laptop

By Corey Sandler

Part of Laptops All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

So you’re almost done with a huge report, and your laptop battery is about to die. Prolong the life of your laptop battery to avoid the stress Keeping your machine cool and working on a single task lengthens the life of your laptop battery. Consider these other energy-savers:

  • If you’re not using a device, turn it off.

  • Avoid unnecessarily using the hard drive.

  • Don’t play a music CD while you work.

  • Don’t use external devices that draw power from the laptop battery.

  • Stay away from high heat.

  • Make sure the cooling vents aren’t blocked.

  • Turn down the light.

  • Avoid multitasking, which is hard on your microprocessor.

  • Be aware of the varying demands of different software.

  • Understand the difference between Hibernate and Standby (or Suspend).