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Mine Twitter for Real-Time Feedback on Industry Issues

By Joshua Waldman

Because Twitter offers a real-time look at the popular topics and issues, you can use it to uncover current industry trends during your job search. These industry trends can help keep you updated on important topics to guide your job seeking efforts and prepare you to participate in relevant conversations. Use the following techniques to get started:

  • Find industry-specific conferences. Conferences usually have a hashtag (a way of tagging tweets around a similar topic) associated with them. If the conference had a session that resonated with many people, then you should know about it. Use hashtags.org and type in the name of the conference. You may have to change the dates of your search to match when the event happened.

  • Search for trends on WhatTheTrend. Type in your industry in the top search box to see what people are saying.

  • Find out where the trends are happening with Trendsmap. This tool allows you to search topics based on geography. It shows you a huge map of tweets coming from different locations so you can figure out what’s going on in your area (or in the area you’re hoping to move to).