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Communicate the Position You Want on Your Video Résumé

By Joshua Waldman

Most organizations have multiple job openings at any given time, and chances are you’re a good fit for more than one of them. If your video résumé targets a specific position, company, or hiring manager, make that clear in one of two ways:

  • Use subtitles to display your desired position on the screen. If, for example, you’re interested in a marketing job, you can use a subtitle that says something like, “Looking for a marketing position with your company” or simply “Interested in the Marketing Communications Specialist opening.”

  • State your desired role verbally in an interesting manner. Opt for an engaging statement that tells the viewer more than just the position you want. Use active statements that show your interest; for example, “Your company is a great match with my passion for marketing communications” or “I’m interested in contributing to your company as a marketing communications specialist.” From here, you can go into more exact job qualifications.

Creating a boilerplate video that’s general enough to fit most employers’ needs in your industry is a good idea. This version is the one you share publicly. As you get better at video editing, you can switch out some of the general information with job-specific details that tailor your job search to a specific company or opportunity.