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Claim Your Personal Online Records with ZoomInfo

By Joshua Waldman

When you are searching for a job, remember that any online information can and will probably be seen by potential employers. Enter ZoomInfo. ZoomInfo doesn’t just aggregate information about you into a single personal record (unlike Spokeo). Instead, it allows you to manually claim your profiles.

In other words, some artifacts that show up in search results may be about you and others not, so you can claim the ones you want in order to create a more rounded profile of yourself. ZoomInfo pulls from current information, such as blog posts or news items, as well as static public records.

What’s nice about ZoomInfo is that you can create an account and begin claiming profiles. Do this before someone else claims them for you. If any bit of information is inaccurate or irrelevant to your current job search, remove it. You have full control over what’s included in your ZoomInfo profile. And ZoomInfo gives preference to profiles that are claimed by members.

Records that you manually claim and verify with ZoomInfo rank higher than unclaimed records, which means you have a much better chance of showing an HR recruiter the real you online.