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3 Benefits You Reap from Your First Part-Time Job

By Roberto Angulo

Your first job will most likely be a part-time one, as is the case for the majority of people. Part-time jobs abound. They can be in an office setting, in a retail location such as Walmart or Macy’s, or in the food service industry at locations such as Starbucks, In-N-Out, Panda Express, and other similar businesses.

Although not glamorous, part-time work provides you with at least these three benefits:

  • Money: This is the obvious benefit. Unless you’re volunteering for a nonprofit, you need to get paid for your time and effort. A part-time job gives you spending money.
  • Flexibility: This is one of the key benefits, especially if you’re in school or have other obligations. While you’re in school, your focus should be on your education and not so much on work. A part-time job gives you the flexibility to earn money on a schedule that fits around your classes.
  • Work ethic: This is often an understated benefit, but your first job is also the way you learn about the value of working hard and working with others. A job also forces you to be on time and teaches you to deliver on your commitments. Future employers will infer you have these qualities when they see your work experience.

An employer looking at two almost-identical résumés will most likely pick the one with the previous work experience, regardless of the work, compared to the one that doesn’t have any work experience.

Getting part-time work is usually easier than getting an internship or a full-time job. You can either walk in and apply in person or go online and submit an application. It may take you a few days or two to four weeks to find a part-time job if you focus on it. And the less picky you are about the job, the more likely you are to find one sooner.

Some employers will require a résumé while others won’t. Either way, make sure to have your résumé handy in case the employer asks for a copy.