Assessing Your Business Twitter Success - dummies

Assessing Your Business Twitter Success

By Jan Zimmerman

As with other forms of social media, a series of internal performance measures gauge how your Twitter campaign stacks up. Twitter provides only a handful of statistics: number of tweets you have posted, number of people following you, number of people you follow, number of lists you’re on, and number of times a specific tweet has been retweeted.

Here are the most important internal performance metrics:

  • Number of qualified followers: The more the merrier, but watch for spammy followers who hope that you’ll mindlessly follow them back.

  • Ratio of followers to following: Aim for at least twice as many followers as those you’re following.

    To help prevent spammers, Twitter may suspend your account if you follow many, many more accounts than those who follow you.

  • Number of retweets: The more you retweet, the more your message spreads and the better you become at posting information that others find interesting; find this number by searching for RT@yourusername.

  • Number of searches: Search for your topic #hashtag or #yourusername; searching for @yourusername tells you how many times other people mention you in their tweets.

  • Clicks tracked: Use analytics from a third-party URL-shortening tool; Twitter’s automatic link shortener doesn’t include analytics.

Referral links from Twitter appear in Google Analytics. You can use a filter within Google Analytics to group all your social media into one category.